I’ve been trying to “make a change” since I was a young teen and my life and career have been immersed in “rolling up my sleeves” in homelessness, addiction, senior issues, incarceration, health care and other advocacy. 

Here are a couple ideas that have taken root…

Starting in 2014, Intersekt Alliance was ahead of the curve bringing opposing groups together. Check out what we’ve been doing with police and communities.

Visit IntersektAlliance.org to see what we've been doing.

Pledge99 is a reminding vision that “WE THE PEOPLE” hold the true power over all laws, policies, govt agencies and officials – and our collective future. 

Using the power of storytelling, media and technology, we’ll organize our “boots on the ground” members to propel a strategic combination of advocacy, effective activism, and an overdue vision of what an American citizen is, and what America as a country can be.  

“I’ve always been passionate about people. I believe that if you are, you have to be involved in community.”

(more to come)

Michael Nelson Rizzo  🙂

Do it... get involved.