Each year, we conduct a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Recognition event here at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The highlight of the event is the presentation of the CRC Research Excellence @ CHOP Awards, granted by the CHOP Research Institute, along with a video tribute featuring the tremendous efforts and contributions our CRCs make to CHOP Research. This year, we decided to remove the video from the limitations and constraints of producing it internally and hire a local professional. We had an extremely tight deadline and, in the end, received so much more than simply a video producer, benefiting from the talent of a genuine artist.

Michael Nelson Rizzo is versatile in all areas of the creative industry and works meticulously, fully committed to create visual experiences that touch people’s hearts. I was honored to work alongside him and create a video that not only celebrates the CRCs accomplishments, but also represents them as the superheroes they are here at CHOP. His attention to detail, discipline, and ability to amplify art direction resulted in an incredible display that we could not have imagined possible.

One of the most notable aspects of the video was the pairing Michael implemented with original music. Yes, Michael not only encompasses stellar video production skills, but he is also a music composer/producer and we profited from a true overall creative! The music established an audience experience and the energy it added was unsurpassed. He has raised the bar for future video production here at CHOP Research and we look forward to working with Michael in the near future to add his amazing talent to our mission and vision.

Angela K. |  Creative/Art Director, CHOP Research


“Michael did an amazing job with my website ! He blended two very different businesses seamlessly into a unique creative vision.  His web design and creativity are the perfect match. He was helpful, accessible and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing to launch their business.”

Laurie Ann G., LMT


“Michael did a fantastic job taking a variety of videos posted on our Web site and aggregating them together to tell a story. We started with individual, long videos that not many people would take the time to watch. Now we have a concise, 3-minute video that pulls together the best clips and highlights customer successes and ROI. It’s a tremendous marketing and sales tool. Working with Michael was an absolute pleasure—his creativity and vision for a project is inspiring and he takes time to really understand your needs. The end result exceeded my expectations.”

Janet H. | Marketing Manager – LeanPath, Inc.


“Michael is a very talented and well-respected composer and musician. We needed a score for a training video on back safety. Needless to say, the subject matter is not very exciting, but the music that Michael created, made the video very entertaining and a success, which is a huge compliment.”

Ken G. | Video Producer


Michael applies his creative insights in such a helpful, non-judgmental and inspiring way. He gracefully brings the breadth and depth of his creative genius to each new person and project. It’s a pleasure to work with such a sensitive and caring solution-maker. Working with Michael gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to bring my vision to life. Thanks Michael!

Kristen S.


“Michael hired me as a freelance programmer over 3 years ago and we’ve been working together ever since.  Sometimes budgets are pretty good and sometimes not so good.  Either way, we’ve had a good working relationship and the breadth of projects he gets into is amazing.  He’s been a good project leader and is organized and thorough, which streamlines my work.  I’ve been impressed with how he deals with his clients and even for insignificant jobs, he wants the work done right and he deserves a proper rest at. More importantly, he wants the client to understand what the issues are.  He’s good guy to work for…and NO he didn’t pay me to say this!

Jason R. | Freelancer programmer (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.)


“Michael helped me solve my content management struggles. He gave me amazingly big help — like going from an abacus to a computer! I’m actually building pages and updating content and it’s fun.”

Sheila R., LMT | True North Massage


“As owner of a commercial audio/video production company, I’ve worked with a lot of music producers and Michael is one for the few that consistently delivers high quality, creative work in a timely manner. He has been a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly to anyone looking for professional level music composition.”

Bob S. | Earworks Audio


“Michael has done some great work for Dave’s Killer Bread. His video and music skills combined for a sharp video and his marketing insights have been very helpful.  I do not hesitate to recommend Michael.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.”

Glenn D. | Dave’s Killer Bread


“I highly recommend the talent and work ethic of MJ. He did a lot of work for me at Universal Music, and he was consistently going the extra mile and finding a way to make things work to bring out the best of the song he was working on. He was always on time and usually ahead of schedule in bringing the product to me. Michael’s greatest gift was in developing the music to exactly where the song demanded it go. He was always true to the music.”

Michael P. | Music Publisher – Final Four Music/frmly. Universal Music | Adj. Prof. of Music Pub., Belmont Univ.


“The Google people were stoked by the site and praised it highly. I’m pimpin’ you out as often as I get the opportunity! Thanks for your hard work and have a great weekend.” [This quote was from a few days before the website launch. Their site was going to be the first featured site in Google’s new product, ‘Google Places.’]

“Thank you, Michael- it has been a pleasure making this come to life with you. The media has been ridiculous… I did an interview this afternoon with a Taiwanese tele-journalist who claimed the piece would air in China. Amazing. Now we’ll have to face the music! 1700+ new customers, many of them coming tomorrow morning. Gotta get to bed. Thanks for your great help – you are appreciated.” [Day of the website launch with Google Places.]

Jack I. | Owner | Floyds Coffee


“Michael has been a huge value to our company time and time again because he not only possesses endless creativity and fantastic ideas, but the vast technical expertise to back it up.  

After developing a Flash animation and building a micro-site around it for the release of a new product, we ran into a wall when it came to effectively formatting our file and finding that balance of fast streaming vs great quality. The only practical file size and load time we could come up with for our audience was devastating to the quality of both the audio and video, and it was painful to see this great animation we had worked so hard on withered down to sub-par performance.

Then we turned to him for some advice and with only a few minutes of explanations and suggestions we were able to find the correct export settings for a fast-streaming, high-quality animation we had been shooting for!  

If only we had turned to him sooner we could have saved hours of valuable time and saved ourselves the frustration.”

Adam | Web+Graphics Developer | BluesBuns & Dave’s Killer Bread

“Michael is one of the most talented, experienced and credible marketing professionals with whom I have ever worked.  His technical expertise and tireless work ethic ensured that I did not waste thousands of dollars investing in a product that appeared very attractive, but was actually flawed.  He worked around the clock to provide an answer ahead of my deadline and he was spot on.  He earned my utmost trust, is the first person I think of when I need assistance, and I highly recommend him.”

Jeff B. | International Entrepreneur and Consultant


“MJ is a creative genius, loaded with ideas on how to help businesses flourish. I feel that he really cares about helping others succeed in their life passions.  He did an amazing job with generating successful ideas, developing my website, and testimonial video. I absolutely love what he did for me!  Hiring MJ is like getting a social media guru, film editor, artist, musician, and webmaster all in one. You can’t get any better!  Thank you! :)”

Heidi C. | Business owner and RN


“You restored so much of my confidence even from our first conversation. It’s easy to get bogged down by the daily deadlines of life and feel like your dream will never come true. But I was convinced after we talked that I have much to offer. A professional, first class web site is the most important investment anyone can make in their business and in themselves. Thanks, Michael!”

Julia Z.


“Michael is that rare sort of professional who combines warmth, care and competence. If you want to work with someone who really cares about what you’re doing, this is the guy. Michael helped me through a very intense career transition, and worked with me on creating an online presence to serve my immediate needs. I would definitely recommend MJCS to anyone just starting, or wanting to go through a new phase.”

Dr. Renee L.


“I first worked with Michael when he came onto the production scene in November of 1988.  He was 17, full of energy and creativity, and wrote a winning theme song for the nationally syndicated broadcast talk show I was producing.  Since then Michael and I have worked on numerous broadcast, cable and corporate projects.  His talent is exceptional and the works Michael creates are always outstanding, but the main reason I come back to Michael with projects again and again is that he is extremely reliable and a real pleasure with whom to work!  His work is always on time, on target and spot on!  When we first worked together, the organization for which we worked followed the motto, ‘Excellence, Innovation and Integrity.’  Michael still works and lives by that motto.  I recommend him to you without reservation!

Nancy K. | VP Creative Product Development | DuPont Training Technologies, Corp.


“I hired Michael to help on an e-commerce site for one of our clients that required more expertise and common sense than my (then) current partners were able to provide.  He took the project in a new and better direction, utilizing some of the latest tools available.  And, he communicated in a pleasant and timely manner.   The result was a pleased client, a great looking and user-friendly site, delivered on time and on budget.”

Ken T. | iMedia Agency


“We hired Michael through Kris Wilkinson’s office to design her website. This is something that Kris has wanted for a long time, but would get busy with projects and would have trouble getting all of the material together. Michael knew how beneficial this website would be to Kris and her business, so he really pushed to keep things moving and always be communicating about what needed to happen next. He was motivating without being pushy or annoying.He has an out-of-the-box creativity and really wants each person’s website to represent them and their individual personality. Suitable for every type of personality are the services provided by http://emeraldcarpetcleaning.ie/. He doesn’t want to just do the minimum to get things finished; he really wants to provide and suggest new ideas that will enhance the site. He’s a person of integrity and man of his word, not to mention just a super nice guy. He was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Aidan R. | Assist. to film composer Kristin Wilkinson


“Thank YOU for the excellent web site.  It’s a great leap forward for LeanPath and we appreciate all your help bringing it to life.” 

Andrew S. | CEO LeanPath, Inc. (on the 2012 website)


“Michael can do it all. I am always amazed at his expertise in such a wide array of subjects. His music skills are surpassed only by his idea-oriented mind and his infectiously positive personality.  He has proven this to myself both as a composer, my web developer and as a tireless ‘idea guy’.  His involvement in my success is without measure.”

Erik G. | Sonic Librarian


“Wow! That was my impression when I opened the web page Michael sent me. What I most appreciated about the process was that Michael really listened.  He gave me the freedom and support to be honest, and helped illuminate what was important to me in my web page. I couldn’t be happier with his business style, communication, and talent. I highly recommend MJ Creative Solutions.”

Pam P. | EGO Women’s Accessories


“The wide world of web is anything but an exact science at times. Michael and his crew at MJ Creative Solutions are experts and they understand my industry and specific needs required for it. If they don’t, they’ll troubleshoot it, figure it out and explain why a “common sense” solution to an issue might not make much sense. That’s why I leave it to the pros.”

Pete K. | PeteSound


“I have known Michael for about 6 years now as a friend and as a colleague.  I know him to be one of the hardest working and most consistent professionals I know – being someone who has unique ideas and follows through with them.  In the music community, Michael has shown leadership in the areas of copyright issues and music business knowledge; sometimes having helped his peers navigate through business options they didn’t know existed. I can tell you that he is certainly on the pulse of where music and media are today.  As a colleague, I have personally worked with him on various projects and will continue to do so where there is opportunity.  I might also mention that I find his consistent track record of network credits to be truly unique in the tight-knit circles of Nashville – offering even more evidence of his musical skill and business prowess.”

Carl M. | Arranger-Producer | Carl Marsh


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