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Michael Nelson Rizzo

- Creative Producer / Storyteller -

“I’ve been creating stories for 30 years.
But didn’t always know I was.”

MUSIC – I started my professional career at 17 years old, when a week out of high school I met Pat Robertson, who was running for president in 1988. He asked me to write the theme song for his show, THE 700 CLUB. 

After the theme’s debut, they hired me to be the full-time Music Director for CBN and the new Family Channel.  (NOTE: I am NOT a Christian anymore.)

Yeah, it was wild. Especially, when I got my first music royalty check for $28,000 at 18. You bet I went out and bought $14,000 worth of my dream gear!

Over the next 20 years, 100’s of companies and TV shows used my music. 

One interesting tidbit was that for a couple of years back in the ’90s, I was the music director for some of the best Black gospel groups including Peggy Britt (who was a key figure in the recent Netflix series, “Voices Of Fire.”)


WEB – Around 1999, I made my own website and realized I was pretty good at it and the process was similar to music writing-arranging-producing. When a business friend asked me to develop a full website for his girlfriend, I was happy to move music to the side as I was exhausted of broadcast deadlines. 

STARTUP AND BUST – A few years into my web business, I began a startup called FANTONES. I had some funding, a small team, developers, some buzz in Nashville… and really bad timing. Sadly, the 2008 Wall St. crash also killed my dreams of “Bringing Fans, Bands and Brands Together.” 

VIDEO During the FanTones development, I went to Portland, OR and ate some healthy bread called Dave’s Killer Bread. I was so impressed, I emailed Dave (his email was on the packaging) and I ended up “accidentally” redoing his video story. I had never made video before. 

They had created prior videos, but the one I created (my music and editing was a major factor) catapulted them into COSTCO, Fred Myers and garnered serious press and growth. It literally put them on the map. From there, I produced all their videos from 2008 – 2015 until they sold out 100% to Flowers for $325+ million.  

Since those days, I’ve written, directed, produced and edited videos of all kinds like “how to” videos, acted videos, interview style and creative. 

My favorite part of crafting a story is editing and selecting (or creating custom) music. 

And truly, if I wasn’t a music composer, I couldn’t edit. 

TODAY My small team creates branding, crafts websites, produces videos and develops innovative tech for small and large companies. We’ve reduced the stress of business owners by using beautiful design, clever web apps (ask about our LBOT SYNC series of tools) and storytelling that inspires (or serves a more humble purpose.) And along the way we often get into deeper business issues and project management. Click a logo below to check us out. 


Here's an overview video (2018) of some of what we do.

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