Music 3

As my website demonstrates, I have a few labels: web-guy, video-guy, business person, geek, etc. but where I feel my most true is as a musician – artist, composer, producer.

It started when I was like 3 or so and I’d plunk out on the piano the melodies I’d hear from my Gramma Nelson’s music box. Years later, I took a few years of traditional piano then rebelled into jazz, RnB and black gospel. I added bass and guitar along the way to help me with writing and producing. I’m a MIDI whiz and expert in computer music and digital audio. I love to arrange a familiar melody into a new experience. So fun!

I became a professional writer/artist/producer at age 17, when I wrote a nationally syndicated theme song. That was a kickstart to a varied and good career spent scoring music for ads and videos, writing jingles, producing indie artists of all styles, making demos for publishers, classes for toddlers at and all kinds of work.

When it comes to musical styles, survival in the business taught me how to be versatile – but my heart beats for soul, pop, RnB and orchestral. I’ve worked for ad agencies, record labels, publishers, other music producers, and countless indie and label artists from coast to coast. Check out my site, my music and if you’re feelin’ it – let’s make some music together!

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